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Overall our collections have a combined rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars

I really appreciate being able to download this large selection of books to read! Receiving 100 books is a GREAT deal. I love to read, and will be able to read from my phone at every opportunity available for a long time. It was an easy process after I asked where to find them on my phone. LOL The quick email response from Instant Libraries was very helpful and I was soon downloading and reading. I enjoy the books. Thanks for making this possible. - Linda Ellis

First, the download was trouble free and did not take too much time considering the size of the zip file. Second, while I base my opinion of horror stories on my favorite author Stephen King, the collection of unknown writers is excellent. I have enjoyed the stories I have read so far and will in time make another purchase of the Sci-Fi collection. With so many stories to read, I should not ever be bored again when it comes to reading. - Anthony

The zipped file was extremely easy to download and unzip. I haven't read them yet, but I did take a look at them and this is a pretty good deal. - Glen K. Whipple

It was very easy to use. Some good stories as well - Karen Sublett

I wasnt sure how much value this would have compared to a free service like Librivox, but I've been pleased with the collection. It contains both some classics and some pieces I had never heard of before, and both have been enjoyable. The quality of the narration has generally been reasonably good. The one awkward aspect is that each book is a single long file. That probably won't be an issue for most users, but if - like me - you're listening on a car player that lacks a good fast-forward option, it will be impractical to listen to it on other devices, as it will be more difficult to navigate through the novels. - Finch

Not only am I a voracious reader, but I am also a proofreader so this is an amazing offer that I immediately grabbed. What a treat! - Bonnie Stowe

As somewhat of a book addict, the opportunity to get 100 classics in one time was too good not to.
I really appreciate the option of the lower file size PDF version zip file...both easy and didn't take up a lot of data use.
What I really love the most is the selection of classics. It's not just one genre but includes; drama, romance, sco fi, mystery, and even plays!
There are even books in here I haven't read before!! (which is surprising)
It's kinda like walking in a candy store every time I open my computer...which one looks interesting this time! - Michelle L. Caward

What a great deal to be able to get 100 Books for such a low price. I can't put down the first book I am reading as I'm writing this. The best part of it is that you can download them in multiple formats for any device. You also have 2 options in which to download the books, as a bulk package or individually. The Choice is up to you. I'm thinking my next purchase will be the classics but we'll see how long takes me to get through these 100 books. A+++ - Thomas

Great stocking stuffer for Christmas!
- Tropical Smoothie